About Us

At about a decade ago, this medical outreach started as a simple personal service, after Anthia Wint (The Founder) experienced a miraculous healing from administrating a herbal remedy for herself to cure a chronic sickness.
It’s also worth mentioning that she grew up watching her father make herbal cures and remedies from the natural herbs in their compound. Therefore, it is safe to say Finest Herbal Shop is found upon traditional and modern knowledge of herbal medicine.
The testimony of her healing, together with others from friends, neighbors and family members promoted her idea and innovative mind to establish Finest Herbal Shop.
A great success story thereafter….
Since the inception of Finest Herbal Shop, countless number of people has been healed by products from this stable. Finest Herbal Shop creates an innovative herbal company to change the narratives about herbal medicine. Our products showcase the therapeutic and nutritional properties of natural herbs. There have been healthy competition between our products and that of other medical medicines. There are cases where patients at the point of surgery were introduced to our products and were cured of chronic sicknesses such as double pneumonia, diabetes, hypertension and fibroid and cyst.
This is possible because Finest Herbal Shop has discovered that herbal medicine has grown beyond traditional level. With the deployment of technological innovations, Finest Herbal Shop has been able to provide quality and well packaged herbal products to our customers across the globe.
Our products cover
Herbal teas and remedies
Skin and hair care
Herbal tinctures
Herbal shots and recipes
Lifestyle magazine
Herbalism courses
Consultation and therapy sessions
Company Values               
Integrity: We offer trustworthy herbal services to our customers. Though, majority are skeptical to deal with herbal medicine, through integrity and honesty in the mode of our services to our customers, we are changing that orientation.
Fairness: We ensure to do right by all our customers. We do not sell what we are not sure about. All our products are made and selling under strict government and medical precautions.
Innovations: As a brand, we are constantly seeking improvement on our knowledge, products and customer services. Herbal medicine is not like this some 50 years ago; we are here as a brand to further innovate the herbal industry and make it more reliable to solve health problems in our communities.
Supportive: We contribute to the society in perfect and little way we can. Health is essential to human existence. We are not solely focus on profits. Our products are affordable and market competitive.
Courage: Adherence to these values even when it is difficult is a pledge we sworn. We are courageous to takes innovative steps to provide quality and affordable services to everyone.
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Contact us today to find the best herbal products that can solve your health problem. We read and address every email sent to our official email address at info@finestherbalshop.com
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